Are the Side Effects of Plastic Surgery Exaggerated?

Many women (and men, too) shy away from getting the plastic surgery procedures that they really want, because they fear side effects and complications resulting from their operations. While any form of invasive or non-invasive plastic surgery has its inherent risks, they are exaggerated in most cases.

By seeking out the services of a board-certified plastic surgeon, who has the skills and expertise to minimize or eliminate the risk of complications, you’ll be able to enjoy face lifts, brow lifts, Botox, and other forms of plastic surgery (such as liposuction or tummy tucks) without fearing health problems.

Selecting the right plastic surgeon is the first step to enjoying a great recovery from surgery, as well as ideal results that last for a long time. To help you learn more about plastic surgery risks and complications, we’ve outlined common risk factors for a cluster of popular procedures:

Face Lifts – Like any other form of plastic surgery, risks for face lifts do exist, and they include stroke, heart problems, blood clots, and nerve damage. However, statistically, the odds of experiencing these complications during a face lift are extremely rare. In addition, anesthesia may affect airways in some patients, flexing vocal cords and blocking proper airflow. Again, this complication is very uncommon.

Today, face lifts, which usually cost between seven and nine thousand dollars, are safer than they’ve ever been before, and tens of thousands of people get these types of procedures every year.

Brow Lifts – Typical side effects of brow lift plastic surgery, which raises the brow for a more youthful, sexy look, include infection, bad reactions to anesthesia, loss of hair near the incision area, and scarring. Again, as with a face lift, the plastic surgeon that you choose will make all of the difference. The best plastic surgeons know how to minimize scarring by using the latest incision techniques, and they work hard to give patients natural, visually-appealing results, without putting their patients at risk. Brow lifts usually cost between four and six thousand dollars.

Botox – Botox is injected into wrinkled areas of the face to paralyze muscles that contribute to facial aging. A typical side effect of Botox is drooping eyelids, but this complication is usually due to choosing an inexperienced Botox provider. To get excellent results without worrying about complications, go see a plastic surgeon for your Botox injections.

Since plastic surgeons (board-certified doctors are best) are intimately aware of underlying muscles of the face, they know exactly where to put their needles. When you choose the right plastic surgeon, you’ll get rid of that “troubled look” in no time flat, and there will be little (if any) discomfort… and zero recovery time. Botox is a great way to look younger in an instant. You’ll need to pay about four hundred dollars for Botox, a few times a year.

In a nutshell, side effects of plastic surgery are somewhat exaggerated. You may avoid complications by hiring the best plastic surgeon that you can afford.

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