Bikini Fears

Summer is nearly here, in the northern hemisphere, and the bikini season is almost upon us. It is a time of year when women, in particular, feel pressure to slim down and shape up. As our beauty-obsessed culture increasingly emphasizes physical perfection a new study has revealed women’s increasing insecurities in baring all for summer, and their diminishing self-confidence with their bodies on the beach.

The research revealed some interesting findings:

  • 68% of women would give up sex for at least a month in exchange for their ideal beach body.
  • 82% of women say they feel overly pressured to slim down before summer.
  • Over 50% of women say they hate their abs (only 29% are happy with them).
  • 29% revealed they are most insecure about their thighs.
  • 48% of women are most proud of their strong arms, legs, and gluts.
  • 47% admit to working on their abs more than any other muscle group.

Cameras are everywhere and wearing a bikini is now scary even for gorgeous celebrities, and women who feel pressured to slim down cite Facebook as major factor.  Being tagged in a photo, or having a photo of you uploaded, on Facebook is a new modern irritation.

99% of readers said that they would never ‘like’ a photo of themselves tagged wearing a bikini, and 44% would remove the tag or ask their friend to take down the photo.

In contrast, 50% of women are most at ease in a swimsuit around their friends or significant others, with 18per cent most comfortable around their friends, and 10% most comfortable around complete strangers.

Shedding the ‘last stubborn pounds’ before hitting the beach was also a big concern, with 79% of respondents saying they want to lose at least five pounds this summer.

60% of women admitted to dieting in anticipation of bikini season, with 53% cutting calories, 22% forgoing carbs, and 15% trying other ways of losing weight.

As our culture increasingly worships physical perfection, the bikini has come to inspire both fear and admiration. Today there is so much pressure to be lean, toned, hairless and perfect that the average women will feel nervous of wearing a bikini, even if they are in pretty good shape.


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