Breast Implant Risks and Side Effects

No form of plastic surgery is free of risk factors, and this is certainly true of breast implant plastic surgery. For years, doctors, women, and the general public have been aware of the problems associated with certain types of breast implants. However, these days, women may assume that these problems are in the past. In some cases, this isn’t actually true.

While getting implants is undoubtedly safer than it’s ever been before, there are still some breast implant risks and side effects, and it’s very important to be aware of these potential health problems before you make a choice about getting a breast augmentation.

To help you get informed, we’ve compiled a helpful quick guide to breast implant risks and side effects.


Breast Implant Risk Factors

If you have breast cancer in your family medical history, you need to know that getting breast implants may make it harder for your doctor to read your mammogram results. Now and then, implants will obscure vital information about breast health, by blocking areas of a mammogram X-ray. If you already have breast implants, and you’re worried about breast cancer, don’t get too upset.

There are ways that physicians can get the information that they need by checking additional views of a mammogram. If you have concerns about getting implants due to breast cancer fears, it’s very important to speak to your doctor before you make a final decision about breast augmentation.

In addition, you should know that some women have developed lymphoma cancer that is characterized by excess fluid around the implant site. In general, if you have this disease in your family,  or simply worry about the link between cancer and implants, it’s best to weigh the pros and cons very carefully before getting this form of plastic surgery.

Breast Implant Side Effects 

Hardening of the Breast – Known as capsular contracture, this hardening of the breast may result in loss of sensation. Women who get implants to enjoy better sex lives (and this is more common than you might expect) are likely to be bitterly disappointed when they discover that their implants have caused hardening that makes it more difficult to experience sensations via the breast.

In addition, capsular contraction may change the shape of a woman’s breast (or breasts), thereby spoiling the effect of the breast augmentation. Plastic surgeons have no way to know in advance exactly who will experience capsular contraction after breast implant plastic surgery.

Now that you know more about breast implant risks and side effects, you’ll be ready to make a wise and informed decision about whether this operation is right for you.

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