Breast Implants – Should You Wait Until After Having Children?

There are many people who want to have breast implants before having children. Studies show that you can have implants (both silicone or saline) and still be able to breastfeed without complication after children. However, for optimal results, there are a few things you may want to consider.

First, when you are pregnant, typically your breasts will swell and enlarge significantly in size. If you have breast implants during pregnancy, you have to expect that you may be uncomfortable with how large your breasts will be during the time of pregnancy.

Second, your skin will naturally stretch after pregnancy because of the amount your breasts will enlarge. This means afterwards, you may be left with sagging skin. Thus, waiting until after having children means you can find the ideal size to fill in the skin and have the size you desire. You may experience a dropping of the breasts and may want a breast lift as well.

Lastly, typically there are no complications with breast-feeding. However this is not guaranteed. In the even there is a complication with your procedure, you may find that you cannot breastfeed. To avoid risks, you may want to wait.


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