Breast Lift, Breast Implants of Both?

The demands life puts on a woman’s body can cause it to distort and sag as she ages. Pregnancy, weight gain and loss, aging, and other factors rob the skin of its elasticity. For many women, the result is increasing sagginess in her breasts. There are several cosmetic surgery options to solve this problem, however, choosing the right procedure or combination of procedures can be difficult if you do not know the differences between them. For women considering cosmetic surgery for their breasts, it is important to understand the difference between a breast lift and breast implants, and when the two procedures should be combined to achieve the desired results. Here is a little information on the two procedures to help you decide which procedure is right for you or whether you should consider both.
Breast Implants
Breast implants are meant to increase the size and round out the shape of a woman’s breasts. To do so, surgeons insert the chosen type of implant, usually silicone or saline, through small incisions that are easily hidden. Depending on the implant choice and the desired look, the breast implant can be placed in front of, or behind, the breast’s muscle tissue. Breast implants allow for a lot of creativity when it comes to results. Some women prefer an exaggerated look and request implants that are round-shaped with a volume over 275cc. Some women prefer a slightly enhanced look, for which they may choose tear-drop shaped implants that only bump them up a cup size or two. Many women choose the variety of sizes and looks in between. When it comes to breast implants, there is plenty of room for individuality because the patient can choose which ever implant type she desires.
Breast Lifts
During a breast lift the surgeon works with the skin and tissue that is already there to recontour the breast and restore its original elasticity and fullness. While there is less flexibility in the results of a breast lift when compared to the various options of breast implants, the results look more natural and do not require foreign objects to be inserted into the breast area. Instead, the surgeon makes strategic incisions around the areola and towards the breast crease to remove excess skin. The breast tissue is then reshaped. Once the stiches are put in place, the skin is pulled tight resulting in lift, tightness and fullness. Breasts sometimes appear bigger after a breast lift because the tissue has been consolidated in its original youthful position.
Combining Breast Lifts with Breast Implants
For many women, a breast lift alone cannot giver her her desired look and the surgeon will suggest breast implants as a complementary procedure. During a combined treatment of a breast lift with implants, the skin is tightened as in the regular breast lift procedure, however, implants are inserted in order to achieve the fullness that a reshaping of the present breast tissue could not. One of the benefits of this combined procedure that  breast implants alone cannot achieve is a decrease in the size of the nipples during the breast lift. Age and pregnancy often cause the nipple to stretch and expand, but a breast lift with implants can solve this while also increasing the firmness, size and shape of a woman’s breast.

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