Cosmetic Surgery in a Bad Economy


Despite continuing economic turbulence, research shows that the popularity, and prevalence, of cosmetic surgery is increasing unabated.  The investment in self-improvement would appear to be considered a valid expense even when money is short. The Botox and cosmetic-surgery industries in particular are booming in spite of the recession. Expensive and exclusive products and treatments are, […]

Teenagers, Self-esteem and Plastic Surgery


Being a teenager is difficult and research would indicate that it is now harder than ever.  Teenagers, both girls and boys, are under increasing pressure to look “perfect”. Whereas waxing, plucking, exercising and grooming were once adult preoccupations, they are now central to teenage life.  The same increasingly applies to cosmetic surgery and there are […]

Ethnicity and Plastic Surgery


Cosmetic surgery is global and the attraction of self-improvement would appear to be universal across races and cultures. However plastic surgeons report that different cultural groups and ethnicities are more interested in specific types of surgery. This phenomenon is perfectly summed up by the experience of plastic surgeons in New York, perhaps a microcosm of […]

Breast Implant Risks and Side Effects

medical equipment

No form of plastic surgery is free of risk factors, and this is certainly true of breast implant plastic surgery. For years, doctors, women, and the general public have been aware of the problems associated with certain types of breast implants. However, these days, women may assume that these problems are in the past. In some […]

Are You Ever Too Old for Plastic Surgery?

older woman

Would you like to live into your 90s?  Due to a variety of factors we are living, and working, longer than ever before. As what it means to be older changes, it would appear retirement no longer means lots of gardening or travelling.  Older people are now turning to plastic surgery to help them look […]

Bra Drive For Charity


In these times of economic austerity the idea of giving to charity is more relevant than ever. But when we give away our old clothes we seldom think about foundation, or under, garments, the most important for women of course being the bra.  But a new drive is aiming to help to solve this shortage. […]

The Korean Cosmetic Surgery Craze

Korean craze

Cosmetic surgery is growing rapidly in popularity in South Korea, faster than almost anywhere else in the world.  The craze for cosmetic surgery in Korea has a variety of causes and is triggering something of a boom in their economy. Many of the patients presenting themselves to plastic surgeons in Korea are arriving from China, […]

Reducing Scarring After Cosmetic Surgery


‘Cosmetic surgery’ implies incisions, and incisions promise scars. However, surgeons are conscious about scar locations on the body and often attempt to put them in places where they are less visible. Nonetheless, with proper care, scarring can be dramatically reduced so that it is the results of your procedure getting all the attention and not […]

Breast Lift, Breast Implants of Both?


The demands life puts on a woman’s body can cause it to distort and sag as she ages. Pregnancy, weight gain and loss, aging, and other factors rob the skin of its elasticity. For many women, the result is increasing sagginess in her breasts. There are several cosmetic surgery options to solve this problem, however, […]

Everything You Need To Know About Breast Implants


Breast implants are not a one-size-fits-all solution to a woman’s body-shape goals. A woman must customize her implant procedure in order to achieve her desired results. This article will tell you everything you need to know about breast implants and help you make an informed decision about what is best for your body. What exactly are […]

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