Social Media and Plastic Surgery


Social media is having an impact on many aspects of life and plastic surgery is no exception.  Plastic surgeons are increasingly reporting that more and more patients are coming to them to request procedures because they hate the way they look online. Forums like Skype and Facebook are contributing to an increase in demand for […]

Cosmetic Surgery in a Bad Economy


Despite continuing economic turbulence, research shows that the popularity, and prevalence, of cosmetic surgery is increasing unabated.  The investment in self-improvement would appear to be considered a valid expense even when money is short. The Botox and cosmetic-surgery industries in particular are booming in spite of the recession. Expensive and exclusive products and treatments are, […]

Teenagers, Self-esteem and Plastic Surgery


Being a teenager is difficult and research would indicate that it is now harder than ever.  Teenagers, both girls and boys, are under increasing pressure to look “perfect”. Whereas waxing, plucking, exercising and grooming were once adult preoccupations, they are now central to teenage life.  The same increasingly applies to cosmetic surgery and there are […]

Skin Cancer and Plastic Surgery


We know sunshine is good for us and we need vitamin D for our health but we have to be careful about our exposure to the sun because skin cancer is on the rise. Melanoma, the deadliest form, was once considered rare but there are now more diagnoses’ in one year than ever before – […]

Ethnicity and Plastic Surgery


Cosmetic surgery is global and the attraction of self-improvement would appear to be universal across races and cultures. However plastic surgeons report that different cultural groups and ethnicities are more interested in specific types of surgery. This phenomenon is perfectly summed up by the experience of plastic surgeons in New York, perhaps a microcosm of […]

Now for a Neck Lift?


The problem with plastic surgery is that once you have one thing fixed, it shows up its neighboring features.  A bit like a fancy mansion next to a rundown ruin.  The neck can be a bit like that. You may have had a great facelift but now your neck is looking much worse by comparison.  […]

Arm Liposuction


Have you noticed the Obama effect?  The Michelle Obama effect that is.  Since the super-fit first lady first began displaying her toned and sculpted upper arms, it seems every woman on US TV now also has taut and toned biceps as well.  Not a “bingo wing” in sight. But how are we lesser mortals to […]

I Just Hate My…


Ever looked in the mirror and thought I really hate my …(insert feature here) Why do we tend to focus on one particular feature that we would like to change? Some interesting new research may tell us why. Facial aesthetic treatments are among the most popular cosmetic procedures around the world, but why do so […]

A Cure for Cellulite?


Cellulite is the bane of many women’s lives and even the fittest and thinnest of women can suffer from it.  A cure for cellulite is therefore something of a cosmetic surgery holy grail and in the past many treatments have claimed to banish it but failed to deliver on those claims. Previous remedies, such as […]

Wrinkle Treatment At Home?

crows feet

Wrinkles are an unmistakeable sign of aging and those pesky lines around the eyes, whether you call them “laugh lines” or “crow’s feet”, are something most people would prefer to avoid. But now there is some good news – a new home kit, called WrinkleMD, which claims it can effectively deal with wrinkles in simple […]

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