Should you Get Plastic Surgery Right Before Your Wedding?

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If you’re planning a trip down the aisle, you may also be planning a visit to your local plastic surgeon’s office. Today, many women who seek out the ideal wedding day look are deciding to get plastic surgery procedures right before their weddings. Of course, there are some things to consider before signing on for cosmetic […]

Fancy Feet


A new and unusual form of cosmetic surgery is growing in popularity due to an increasing desire to rid the feet of fat toes.  This condition has been dubbed ‘toe-besity’.  While it may at first appear to come under the heading of “what will they think of next”, it seems that an odd-looking toe is […]

Social Media and Plastic Surgery


Social media is having an impact on many aspects of life and plastic surgery is no exception.  Plastic surgeons are increasingly reporting that more and more patients are coming to them to request procedures because they hate the way they look online. Forums like Skype and Facebook are contributing to an increase in demand for […]

Plastic Surgery Trends


Today, men and women are seeking out plastic surgery procedures that give them near-instant access to the faces and bodies that they really want to have. If you’re contemplating a little cosmetic surgery of your own, you may be interested in finding out what’s super-hot right now. Luckily, there are some distinct plastic surgery trends which […]

Are the Side Effects of Plastic Surgery Exaggerated?

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Many women (and men, too) shy away from getting the plastic surgery procedures that they really want, because they fear side effects and complications resulting from their operations. While any form of invasive or non-invasive plastic surgery has its inherent risks, they are exaggerated in most cases. By seeking out the services of a board-certified […]

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