Enjoy a Sexier Pout with the Latest Lip Augmentations

If your lips are on the thin side, why not treat yourself to a lip augmentation procedure that gives you the full, sexy pout that you’ve always wanted? Today, women are bombarded with media images of sexy celebs and models who seem to have impossibly full and sensual lips. Nine times out of ten, these sexy ladies have had a little help getting the fashionable lip look that everyone wants.

As we age, our lips lose volume, and no amount of lip-plumping lip gloss will really solve the problem permanently. If you want the youthful lip look that you used to enjoy, lip injections that create pleasing fullness (without the dreaded “trout pout”) are definitely the answer.

To help you make a wise and informed decision about whether or not a lip augmentation is right for you, we’ve compiled a helpful quick guide to the latest plastic surgery treatments for lips. Bear in mind that although these procedures should always be performed by board-certified plastic surgeons or licensed dermatologist, they are minimally-invasive, and this means that they aren’t “real” operations.

Most times, you’ll receive your lip injections in a doctor’s office, and recovery will be a breeze. No general anesthetic will be required, so this type of quick fix is a great option for women who fear “going under the knife”.

Here are some useful facts about the most popular lip augmentations:

Collagen Injections – Made from bovine (cow) collagen, these sorts of injections offer temporary benefits. If you don’t want to risk a permanent result that might not live up to your expectations, starting off with collagen injections will be a great idea. This form of collagen is fine for most women; however, for a select few, it may trigger allergic reactions. A good plastic surgeon or dermatologist will check beforehand (by doing a test) to see if you’re overly sensitive to this sort of collagen.

These injections don’t cause any real discomfort for most patients, and they enjoy fuller, sexier lips for a few months after their appointments. Like Botox, many women schedule in collagen injections every few months to maintain their new pouts.

Lipid Injections – Fats, or lipids, are another substance used in lip augmentation plastic surgery. With lipid injections, fat is taken from other parts of the body and sterilized before being injecting into the mouth. One benefit of these types of injections is that they offer long-lasting results. However, like collagen injections, fullness in the lips will gradually fade out as the plumping substance is absorbed into the body.

Now that you know what to ask for, isn’t it time to get the lips you’ve always wanted with lip injection plastic surgery?

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