Eyelid Surgery Basics

Eyes are the focal points of the face and are therefore often considered to be the most important facial feature. Having beautiful and expressive eyes is highly desirable and so it is not surprising that eyelid surgery, or Blepharoplasty, is one of the most commonly requested cosmetic surgeries.   Another reason for the popularity of eyelid surgery is that the thin, delicate skin around the eyes is very often the first to show signs of aging.
As we age the appearance of the skin around the eyes can become puffy and baggy.  Dark circles also appear under the eyes which may cause us to look permanently tired regardless of how much sleep we get.  Some people may even experience eye problems such as sight interference because of drooping skin in the eye area.
Eyelid surgery is performed by removing fat, extra skin or muscle from the eyelids.  Small incisions are made in the creases of the eyelids and the excess fat is then removed. Once this extra tissue is removed, the sagging skin is trimmed and tightened and the incisions closed with very small stitches.
This procedure results in tighter, firmer skin around the eyes which in turn leads to younger looking eyes.  The recovery time for eyelid surgery is minimal and the surgery is mostly performed on an outpatient basis.  You will experience swelling and bruising in the surgery and facial area following surgery but this will fade in a week or two.  The stitches are moved after a few days and there is minimal, if any, noticeable scarring.
These factors help explain the popularity of eyelid surgery. It is a fairly low impact surgery which offers a simple, and effective, way of improving the appearance and making one look younger.  As with any surgery, get a recommendation from someone you trust or do some research to find out who the best plastic surgeon for eyelid surgery is in your area.

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