Lip Lift Surgery

You may have heard of lip augmentation but there is now growing interest in a procedure for the mouth known as a lip lift. The mouth is one of the first areas of the face to show signs of aging and, according to plastic surgeon, Dr. Weston, treating other parts of the face without also treating the mouth can affect the success of a face lift surgery.

The mouth is important for the appearance of the face because as we get older, the lips get longer, they turn down at the corners, they get thinner, the area around the mouth gets loose and jowls may develop.  An old mouth can make a face look old, even after a facelift.  If you do not address the mouth, you may find it difficult to achieve a more youthful face. On average, a face will look about five years younger by adding mouth procedures to facial rejuvenation procedures.

A lip lift is performed by shortening the upper lip which can help make an old mouth look young again, or just make an upper lip that is too long shorter and more attractive. An incision is made in the crease under the nose and the resulting scar is hidden in the crease and practically invisible. By shortening the upper lip a more pronounced pout is produced which looks more youthful. The next step is to turn up the mouth corners with a corner mouth lift, remove loose skin in the jowl area if necessary and also, if necessary, augment the lip to make it look fuller.

“If you look at pictures of young models in magazines, you’ll notice that they have a short upper lip and a pouty, turned-up mouth,” Dr. Weston notes. “Those are characteristics that are not achieved by simply increasing the size of the lip with injections. With lips, bigger is not always better. It’s about achieving total aesthetic harmony in the entire mouth area as well as the rest of the face.”

“It’s great stuff and really gratifying to see a face looking younger with just a few small mouth procedures added to facial rejuvenation procedures.”

It may therefore be worth bearing in mind the importance of the mouth if considering a facelift, given that a lip lift can make the face look younger and, without attention, the mouth may spoil or undermine what would otherwise have been highly effective facelift surgery.

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