Pamper Yourself After Plastic Surgery with Private Aftercare

After you’ve had a facelift, rhinoplasty or mommy makeover, you’ll need time to recuperate. These days, private aftercare facilities are taking plastic surgery aftercare to a new level by pampering their guests in cushy surroundings. After being discharged from a hospital or outpatient surgical center, you may not be ready to hurry home and face the world right away. If you need additional monitoring, pain control or simply time to allow bruises and swelling to subside, your plastic surgeon can recommend an aftercare facility that will add a touch of luxury to your recovery.

Why choose a private aftercare facility?

You don’t have to be a movie star or a high-profile politician to indulge in the comforts of private aftercare. If you’ve come from out of town to have your procedure, your plastic surgeon may prefer to have you stay in the area for several nights for observation. Most aftercare centers host only a few patients at a time, and with a high nurse-to-patient ratio, you’re certain to be pampered.

Where are aftercare centers located?

Some plastic surgery aftercare centers are located in elegant homes in quiet residential neighborhoods. Others are situated near a hospital or within the hospital itself. Plastic surgeons who refer their patients to private aftercare centers often choose facilities close to their homes, so that they can follow up with their patients immediately if any complications arise.

What services do aftercare facilities provide?

Aftercare facilities are staffed by nurses and aides who can provide pain control, medication management, post-operative wound care and assistance with grooming and bathing. With remote monitoring technology, nurses can keep your surgeon informed of your progress throughout your stay. The cost of your visit should include meals and snacks, maid service and transportation to the airport or to appointments. Many aftercare centers offer suites with private baths and cable television, Wi-Fi and movies. Guest rooms for friends or family members are often available, and some facilities can even make arrangements to care for your pets while you’re recovering.

How much does private aftercare cost?

The cost of a private aftercare facility will depend on the extent of the services it offers and the length of your recovery. ┬áPrices may range from several hundred to several thousand dollars for accommodations and services. Although you’ll probably need to pay for these services out of pocket, the cost of private aftercare may be lower than the cost of an extended hospital stay. Ask your plastic surgeon to recommend a secure aftercare center where you can spoil yourself a little by recovering in comfort and style.

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