Plastic Surgery Trends

Today, men and women are seeking out plastic surgery procedures that give them near-instant access to the faces and bodies that they really want to have.

If you’re contemplating a little cosmetic surgery of your own, you may be interested in finding out what’s super-hot right now. Luckily, there are some distinct plastic surgery trends which are garnering exposure in the media and attracting the interest of plenty of prospective plastic surgery patients all over the world. To help you learn more, we’ve compiled a quick guide to the most important plastic surgery trends for this season.

Natural Breast Augmentation – Typical breast augmentation procedures use silicone gel or saline implants to create the full, sexy look that women really want. However, there is another form of breast augmentation that is getting tons of press, and it’s called natural breast augmentation. This procedure takes fat from the patient’s own body and then transfers it (via injections) into the breasts, offering fullness that is the result of organic body materials, rather than manufactured implants.

While breast implants are now safer than ever before, some ladies still shy away from the idea of getting them, even when they desperately want larger breasts. With this type of fat transfer plastic surgery, it’s possible to get all of the benefits of breast implants, without the implants themselves.

Tummy Liposuction – Liposuction is fat removal that creates smoother, leaner body contours. These days, people who need to take a few unsightly pounds off of their bellies are signing on for tummy liposuction that offers instant weight loss and a sleeker, sexier silhouette. If you’re looking for ways to improve this common trouble spot and diet and exercise just aren’t getting results, then you’re an excellent candidate for tummy liposuction, which will remove up to five pounds of flab right where you need it.

Botox – Today, Botox is being used to great effect on many different parts of the body, for a range of purposes. For example, Botox may be used to deter migraine headaches or to control excess sweating. However, the most popular usage for this unique serum is wrinkle removal. While results from Botox injections are always temporary, they are also dazzling. Within just a couple of days of your first injection, you’ll find wrinkles disappearing from the under-eye area, the brow, and even the nose. If you’ve never tried this hot plastic surgery trend, you should.

Mini Tummy Tucks – People who need to excise sagging skin from their bellies, while also having their abdominal muscles tightened up, will love the potential that they see in the mini tummy tuck trend. This version of the tummy tuck is less invasive, so there is less scarring and a shorter recovery time. Designed for people who need a little help getting a sexier tummy, rather than a total tummy makeover, the mini tummy tuck is also more inexpensive than a typical, full-scale tummy tuck.

Now that you know more about the latest plastic surgery trends, why not discuss your favorite with a plastic surgeon today?

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