Reducing Scarring After Cosmetic Surgery

‘Cosmetic surgery’ implies incisions, and incisions promise scars. However, surgeons are conscious about scar locations on the body and often attempt to put them in places where they are less visible. Nonetheless, with proper care, scarring can be dramatically reduced so that it is the results of your procedure getting all the attention and not the scars.

1. First and foremost, make sure you are consuming generous amounts of water and a healthy diet rich in vitamins and nutrients. Your skin uses the fuel you put inside you to heal itself. Ensure that you keep yourself well hydrated to promote healthy skin cell repair.

2. Discuss with your doctor what topical cream is best for your skin and its scars. Once you have found this cream, apply it diligently.

3. Your surgeon will issue you scar treatment sheets. These sheets are placed over the affected areas and yield great results when used properly.  Make sure the area under the sheets is clean and well maintained and use them for as long as your doctor prescribes necessary.

4. Fade your scar with scar lightening or bleaching formulas that have been prescribed by a dermatologist. Many scars heal nicely but the pigment remains distinct from your normal skin tone. Such creams can dull the darkness of the scar restoring it to a shade closer to your skin colour.

5. Massage the scar twice daily. This will break up the scar tissue and prevent hard bumps from forming under the scar.

6. Consult your dermatologist about a chemical peel. Chemical peels are most often used to remove scarring from past acne problems. A chemical peel burns the scars away, lightening the colour and softening the texture of the scar.

7. Laser treatment has been mainly popularity as an effective method to reduce the appearance of scars. This treatment is non-invasive and is often offered by the surgeon who performed your original cosmetic procedure. Usually, patients require a few laser treatment appointments to achieve their desired results.

As significant as choosing cosmetic surgery is choosing to commit to preserving the results and delivering yourself towards the best possible recovery. Make sure you are adequately informed by your surgeon and your dermatologist when devising a scar reduction treatment that works best for you.



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