Skin Treatments

Many elements impact how our well our skin ages including heredity, hormones, sun exposure, smoking, skin care regimens and other life choices. Some of us are blessed with good genes, or live in cool, skin-friendly climates, but for those of us who do not, fortunately, there are options available to improve the skin’s appearance.

Laser therapy, Dermabrasion and Sclerotherapy are popular treatments used to treat a variety of skin problems including surface irregularities, scars, blemishes, freckles and birthmarks, acne, wrinkles and spider veins.  Here is a summary of their common uses:

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy can vaporize blemishes, seal blood vessels or penetrate deep into skin tissue. It is often effective in the use of small spider veins which are superficial veins common in women particularly on the face, hands and legs.  They are especially common in those with fair skin and women who have had children.

Dermabrasion and Chemical Peels

Derma-abrasion and chemical peels smooth the skins surface to give the skin a more dewy, youthful appearance.  This is achieved by removing the damaged top layers of skin to reveal new, undamaged, younger skin below.


Sclerotherapy is a chemical solution which is injected into the problem vein to cause it to inflame and ultimately disappear. It is commonly used in the treatment spider veins as it closes off unsightly blood vessels.  Spider veins frequently occur in people who have varicose veins. Those who have spider veins and varicose veins can reduce the risk of rapid recurrence of spider veins by having the varicose veins treated first.

Sclerotherapy, and other skin skin treatments, are usually performed in the plastic surgeon’s office and do not involve any recovery time. Depending on the area being treated, procedures such as sclerotherapy may take as long as 30 minutes. No sedation or anaesthesia is necessary. Injection sites are covered with gauze and tape, and the legs are usually wrapped with an elastic wrap. The vessels gradually disappear over the next month. Several sclerotherapy sessions are usually needed to achieve the desired improvement.

New skin improving techniques are constantly emerging and being developed to offer a very wide choice of treatments for the skin’s individual requirements.  Of course a good way to help prevent some of the damage and  look after our skin is to follow the advice of doctors and keep out of sun, eat well, do not smoke and consume lots of water.


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