Streamline Your Shape with Torso Tapering Plastic Surgery

Torso tapering is a form of plastic surgery that combines a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, with liposuction and a breast lift (or breast implants). A long-time favorite of new mommies who want to “get their old bodies back”, this type of surgery may be referred to as a “mommy makeover”, but it’s also helpful to any woman who’s experienced loss of elasticity and firmness to due weight gain or aging.

By addressing the look of the whole torso, rather than one body part in isolation, plastic surgeons who perform torso tapering create totally new silhouettes for their clients. Whether you’re a “yummy mommy” who longs for her hot, pre-baby bod, or a woman who wishes to fight gravity any way that you can, you’ll love the possibilities that torso tapering opens up to you.

How it Works

During torso tapering plastic surgery, the torso is rejuvenated via careful re-contouring. If implants are wanted (or needed), a woman may choose the best size for her tastes. If a breast lift is required (this procedure is called mastopexy), this procedure will be carried out. A plastic surgeon will also reshape the abdomen with a tummy tuck operation and liposuction (if needed). Whether surgeries are performed together or separately will be a decision that you should make alongside your doctor.

When it comes to this type of plastic surgery, you’ll pay more, since you’re combining procedures for a certain aesthetic effect. Look for a board-certified plastic surgeon who has the skills and experience to give you a premium return on your investment. You may also consider payment plans from third-party financiers. This type of financing will allow you to pay for your surgery (or surgeries) over a longer term. The cost of a mommy makeover of this type will usually run around ten thousand dollars (and up). However, you must balance the cost of plastic surgery with the enhanced self-esteem that you will feel after your operation.

The Perfect Solution when Diet and Exercise Don’t Do the Trick…

If all of your best efforts to streamline your torso just aren’t working out, you may be ready to accept the fact that diet and exercise may not be enough to give you the body that you’re looking for. For example, when breasts sag, there really isn’t any way to restore their former beauty without surgery. Likewise, excess skin in the belly area is very resistant to change, and it usually requires plastic surgery. Your body can be tight and sexy; you just need to take the plunge and sign on for torso tapering by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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