The Benefits of a Cheek Lift

cheekOur cheeks give our face its shape and high cheekbones have long been associated with beauty.  As we age, the skin, muscle and fat over the cheekbones begins to become less firm as it succumbs to the effects of gravity.  This results in an overall older appearance as the upper cheekbones lose definition and the skin begins to sag. But worry not, help is at hand and a cheek lift can help restore the firmness of the cheekbones and restore youthfulness to the face.

What is a Cheek Lift?

The aim of a cheek lift is to reposition the sagging fat and muscle over the cheekbone to restore its fullness. This procedure lifts the cheek area and eliminates the drooping appearance as it tightens the skin and minimizes the folds at the sides of the mouth which can increase and deepen as we age as a consequence of sagging cheekbones.

How is a Cheek Lift Performed? 

Cheek lift and cheek implant surgery are performed in a variety of ways:

•    By making an incision just below the eyelashes
•    By working through the inside of the mouth
•    By taking the patient’s own fat, from elsewhere in the body, and placing it above the cheekbone
•    By using a synthetic filler

Who is a good candidate for a Cheek Lift?

•    Those with deepening creases around the nose and mouth
•    Those with cheeks that have become flatter
•    Those with the appearance of sunken eyes
•    Those whose mouths appear to be increasingly downturned at the corners

A cheek lift can be an effective solution to the effects of aging on the face.  It may even offer a viable alternative to a full face lift as it is somewhat less radical.

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