What is Chin Augmentation?

Research into what makes us attractive has consistently suggested that proportion and symmetry are central to definitions of beauty.  Features that are in proportion to each other are, it seems, the essence of beauty. The chin is the defining feature of the lower portion of the face, which is dominated by the presence and form of your chin. Your chin can therefore have a significant impact on your appearance and a weak, recessed chin or an overly prominent one can diminish what is otherwise an attractive face.

A weak chin can make a normal nose look bigger and an already prominent nose seem even larger. It can also make the neck look fleshier, even fatter. Conversely, a big chin may give the appearance of having too small a nose and make the face look off balance.

Chin augmentation may be the answer for those who feel their face is made less attractive by their chin.  It is achieved by manipulation of the jaw and the insertion of prosthetic implants or, less commonly, from bone from elsewhere (the patient’s ribs or pelvis).  The simplest method is the insertion of an artificial implant over the chin bone.

The object is to build a better profile. This may sound like a major undertaking but it is, in fact, usually a fairly straightforward procedure.   Chin augmentation can have a significant and noticeable impact on the appearance of the face.  A plastic surgeon may perform chin augmentation but it may also be performed by or oral/maxillofacial or ear, nose and throat specialist.

Research has shown that the ideal chin positions are 1 – 2 mm behind the furthest part of the lower lip.  Anything more is too prominent.  Less than that may have the effect of making the chin look weak and recessed which has the effects mentioned above.  Another consideration is the proportion of the nose.

Chin augmentation is an increasingly popular cosmetic surgery as the results are immediate and it can sometimes be the simplest way to improve attractiveness.  A face with well-proportioned features and a defined, preferably triangular chin is, it seems, a beautiful face.

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