What You Need to Know about Cheek Implants Plastic Surgery

If you want a more youthful, vibrant look, cheek implants plastic surgery may be the answer. This type of plastic surgery procedure places implants in the mid-face region to add more definition to your facial features. By filling out depressed areas that have lost attractive fullness and elasticity, cheek implants turn back the clock, shaving years or decades off of your “visual age”

Cheek implants also lift the skin while they flesh out hollows in the cheek area. Men or women who opt for cheek implants plastic surgery get a younger look instantly, and results lasts for a long time. Instead of using fillers, such as Restylane, that don’t last forever, why not choose cheek implants to give pleasing fullness and a lifted effect?

The best way to find the perfect plastic surgeon for cheek implants is by checking the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website. This society has a list of board-certified plastic surgeons who will deliver the sort of results that you really want. Working with a very credentialed and respected plastic surgeon is the key to a successful end result that leaves you looking much as you did ten or even fifteen years ago.

Cheek implants may also assist with creating a more symmetrical face look, since different sizes of cheek implants may be used to correct any imbalances. In addition, any drooping skin will be raised up to give a fresh and appealing look. Examples of celebrities who are rumored to have cheek implants include supermodel Cindy Crawford and pop maven, Madonna.

Good Cheek Implants Plastic Surgery Looks Very Natural

While some cheek implants are much too obvious, the best plastic surgery work of this type is subtle and natural. For example, Cindy Crawford’s alleged cheek implants work wonderfully, while Madonna’s are a bit too much. Chances are good that Madonna’s extremely low body weight (she is a fitness fanatic) makes her cheek implants a bit too prominent and obvious. While Cindy Crawford is also very thin, she has some curves, and enough facial fat to make her alleged cheek implants look completely natural. Without these cheek implants, these famous women would look much older, since they’d have very prominent hollows in the mid-face area.

When you sign on for cheek implants plastic surgery, you”ll be under general anesthetic, and your operation will last about an hour. You may also choose to get these implants as you undergo other facial plastic surgery, such as rhinoplasty or a face lift. Incisions for cheek implants are located inside of the oral cavity. Your cheek implant will be crafted of supple rubber that is safe for the human body. A board-certified plastic surgeon will be able to select the right size and shape of implant for your desired result.

Now that you know more about cheek implants, why not book an appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon today?

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